How to build a sustainable wardrobe

The change in season seems like the perfect excuse to clean out your wardrobe. In Denmark spring has been exceptionally cold this year, and I’ve only recently begun to discover other parts of my wardrobe than my winter basic knits and long sleeved tees. Last weekend I spent a couple of hours cleaning out my wardrobe, making it feel updated and ready for spring and summer, which is hopefully just around the corner. Fingers crossed! Continue Reading

Welcome to The New Fashion Norm

This is a blog about how sustainable, conscious fashion can and should be the new norm in fashion. It is here because I LOVE fashion! I love the magic that surrounds the fashion industry. I love how you can express yourself through the clothes you wear. I love how identities are created by the use of garments and how we identify ourselves with others – sometimes just by looking at each other.

What I don’t love is how fashion garments are often produced under horrible working conditions. Continue Reading