Fashion Revolution or World Recycling Week

Fashion Revolution

A couple a weeks ago I came across the news that H&M was going to launch a World Recycling Week during which they would focus on collecting old garments in all of their stores and had set a goal of collection 1,000 tons of textile waste, they teamed up with M.I.A who made an exclusive music video for the launch – and to be honest I really liked the idea, even if I thought teaming up with M.I.A was just a marketing stunt, I do understand that it might take something like that to engage consumers. Continue Reading

My five summer basics

The calendar says summer’s here. Even though the temperatures in Denmark disagree and it feels more like autumn than summer, I thought I’d show you what I want to live in as soon as the weather allows it. I prefer to keep the colors in my closet to a minimum. Throughout the year my outfits will consist of basic black items mixed with a variety of grey, white and green. Continue Reading

How to build a sustainable wardrobe

The change in season seems like the perfect excuse to clean out your wardrobe. In Denmark spring has been exceptionally cold this year, and I’ve only recently begun to discover other parts of my wardrobe than my winter basic knits and long sleeved tees. Last weekend I spent a couple of hours cleaning out my wardrobe, making it feel updated and ready for spring and summer, which is hopefully just around the corner. Fingers crossed! Continue Reading

My definition of sustainable fashion

In my opinion sustainable fashion is essentially about choices. Whenever we choose to buy a new garment, wash a dirty one, repair a cherished one, or throw away and old one; we are making choices about how we are impacting the world. Most of the times there will not be a black and white / right or wrong choice – it’s sort of a grey area, because whatever we do, it will have an impact. Often the choices will be made out of convenience, habits, likes or dislikes. I try to make my choices consciously and sustainability on this blog will therefore always be about my choices – they are personal, just as fashion should be. Continue Reading