Good things

Good Things

{ A quiet morning on a particularly grey day last week }

Fall started last week, and although it is my favourite season I can’t help but feel it has arrived a little too soon this year. But if there’s one thing you can’t change, it is the weather, so instead of feeling down about it, I made the most of it. Had a croissant on a perfectly normal Wednesday morning, started knitting again and spent Sunday afternoon in bed with snacks and Netflix and my knitting.

We did have some sun though and especially Saturday was a beautiful warm and sunny day. We had friends from Denmark visiting and I spent an entire day out and about. I completely forgot to take photos and I felt gutted afterwards, because the photos always helps me remember the good times, but sometimes that’s just how it should be. It was such a beautiful day.

We’re headed to Paris on Thursday and I can’t wait to spend a couple of days in the most romantic city on the planet with my favourite human. I’m planning on eating at least one croissant a day, wandering through the streets holding hands and finally figuring out who knows the best falafel spot in town. But first, a few days working on the blog and planning for exciting things to happen this fall. What are you up to this week?

Good Things

{ Sunset walks in the park }

Good Things

{ Taking a moment after yoga to write down my intentions for September }

Good Things

{ Warming up for Paris with black coffee and a croissant }

Good Things

{ The perfect Sunday afternoon }

Good Things

{ A dramatic sky from our balcony }

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