Sustainability news 100617

sustainability news 100617

{ Dreaming about this vegan brunch I had back in Denmark last week }

I got back to London earlier this week and still can’t quite believe I’m done with the yoga teacher training. I know I’m never going to stop learning, but this course, this time, has come to an end. And I think I’m equally relieved and bewildered by that fact. I’ve spent the week recovering, knitting, and getting back into the grind of things, and I think the weekend will be much the same, hopefully with an outing or two thrown in the mix. Below are the news that caught my attention this week in the world of sustainable fashion.

More brands are joining the circular movement

Three innovative fabrics that could change fashion – I talked about one of them yesterday.

With last week’s news from India about a law banning cattle slaughter in mind, it is interesting how innovations in vegan leather are moving along. Right now, I’m not sure I’m for it, as most vegan leather is PU made from oil – but, as the article mentions, alternatives like Pinatex might change that.

I’ve met so many people who’ve changed their perception of the fashion industry after having watched True Cost (if you haven’t watched that one, do it now. It’s available on Netflix), so I’m excited to see if this new documentary will have the same effect

Anything that might help save water in the production and keep the world waterways clean are exciting news in my book

I would love it if customising a blazer in 90 minutes could be the new norm



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  1. Jeg har lige delt denne på min blogs facebook. Tusind tak for at lave det hver uge! Og så kom til at se at dit instagram ikon ikke fører det rigtige sted hen 🙂

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