Sustainability news 150417

Sustainability news 150417

I hope you’re enjoying some time off for the Easter holidays. We’ve had the apartment to ourselves the past couple of days, since our flatmates are in Budapest soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the beautiful city, and have taken full advantage of it with extra long brunches and dinners in. I hope you’re enjoying a good cup of coffee, or whatever is your preferred Saturday beverage, while reading the latest sustainability news.

I love these five tips for a more sustainable wardrobe.

Women need to empower women. Here are five brands that empower women. Remember to check them out the next time you new garment.

I have only recently discovered Kate Black of Magnifeco’s brilliant podcast and I’ve been binge-listening to it ever since. Episode 21 “Fashioning a less wasteful industry” with Dr. Christina Dean has been one of my favourites. Christina’s story and work is just so inspiring.

By now I know a lot of eco fashion brands for women, but not so many that makes menswear, so definitely bookmarking this list for the next time my favourite person needs to refresh his wardrobe.

I’m so interested to see the result of the Infinited Fiber when the clothes for The New Normal (also, love that name) project will be shown at the Helsinki Fashion Week in July.

Yet another article on why the fashion industry needs to change. So why is change so slow?


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