Sustainability news 010417

sustainability news 010417

I hope you’re having a great weekend and will be spending at least parts of it in the sun with your favourite people. Here’s the past weeks sustainability news that caught my attention.


A new app to help guide sustainable fashion decisions when shopping.

Project Just gives you 5 questions to ask to figure out which brands are legit.

The issue of child labour is a tricky one. Sure, there are worse things for the children to do than work in a factory (of course this requires the factory to ensure safe working conditions), but it still feels like we are exploiting this fact, so we can have cheap clothes.

How can a global garment value chain that relies on the systemic devaluation of female labour be expected to fulfil promises of empowerment for women informal workers? It can’t. Here’s why.

This mall for recycled goods is so cool


This article is in Danish, but the point is so important I wanted to share it anyway: “Why was there so little time for climate debates and always time for a million shades of Muslims?” – I hope Google translate might be able to help those of you that don’t read Danish.





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