Goodbye 2016

Goodbye 2016

{ Can’t wait till I’m able to write down all my dreams and goals for 2017 in this lovely notebook from Moleskin, while drinking coffee listing to music or my favourite podcasts }

The end of a year always seems like the perfect opportunity to stop and take a deep breath and reflect. Like so many others, I too love the feeling of new beginnings – the potential of a new week, the refreshed feeling you have after a holiday, but above all the beginning of a new year seems to carry so much potential with it (which is a little odd when you think about it – because you always spend the first day in bed with a hangover).

I haven’t posted anything on the blog since April. For two main reasons (one of them being the same reason I’m typing this with my left hand only and it’s taking me ages) 1. my right hand has been hurting on and off for the better part of a year and whenever I got home from my daytime job I wanted to do anything but spending another couple of hours in front of the computer, so I didn’t. And 2. the before mentioned daytime job – since January I’ve been working with sustainability for one of Denmark’s biggest fast fashion companies, and while it has been incredibly interesting and educational I’ve struggled to find a balance between my professional self and the things I wanted to write about on the blog.

But I’ve missed the blog, I’ve missed writing about eco fashion from my point of view and I’ve missed the fun, creative outlet the blog used to provide me with.

I’ve learned a lot in 2016. I’ve learned so much more about sustainability, and about how large companies work, and what kind of work-life balance I want. I know a lot will change in 2017. A few weeks ago, I had surgery in my right hand and while it seems worse now, I’m hoping it will be for the better in another couple of weeks or so. Hopefully, it will make it possible for me to work on the blog after I get home from my job, at least for a couple of months, because by the end of February, I’m leaving the job to move back to London with the love of my life. And I’m planning on making the most of the opportunity to live in my favourite city again. I want to write more – on the blog and in general. I want to work with creative eco-fashion loving likeminded people pushing the ‘movement’ further, to make eco fashion the new norm in the industry. I want to do more yoga – and once I finish my yoga teacher training in June, I want to teach and share my love for it. But most of all, I want to just be and breathe more. 2016 felt kind of rough, but at the same time it went by in a flash. I hope 2017 will be slower and with a deeper sense of happiness. The potential is there and I have so much to look forward to, I’m going to make the most of it.

Goodbye 2016

2017, I’m ready for you.

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  1. Glæder mig til at læse med herinde i det nye år og rigtig god bedring med hånden! 🙂

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