A touch of pink

A touch of pink

{ white organic cotton tee; H&M, nail polish; Essie “Not just a pretty face”, grey cashmere knit; & Other Stories, black skinny jeans; Cheap Monday, necklace; ByMarika, pink socks; COS }

I’ve found myself gravitating towards pink items lately, which is very out of character for me! Nevertheless, whenever I walk into a shop these days or scroll through blogs or pinterest, I go straight for the pink. Especially pastel pink! It’s such a delicate, feminine colour, and that’s the thing about fashion, it makes you want to buy things you don’t really need or want.

I have come very close to buying a sweater in the colour, but two things stopped me:

1. I will most likely grow sick of the colour before the end of the season (making it a less sustainable choice, no matter how it was produced),

2. pastel pink is not a good colour for my skintone – it sort of makes me disappear. Not really the look I’m going for…

And still, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Again; that’s the thing about fashion, somehow trends become “life necessities”. The last year in particular, I’ve really tried not to get caught up in trends and only add classics to my wardrobe, but this one I just couldn’t seem to let go. Instead of giving up on it all together, I decided to incorporate little bits of it in form of nail polish and a pair of socks. That way I could get my fashion fix, without over-doing it, and they both go so well with what’s already in my wardrobe.

In the future, this will probably be a solution I’ll turn to, when I can’t get a trend out of my mind, instead of going all in or all out (which is no fun, and fashion is suppose to be fun), I’ll find a way to add a bit of it, like this time; a touch of pink.

A touch of pink

{ Pastel pink nail polish and black coffee = new and old favorites }

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