Tencel shirt

Tencel shirt

{ Wearing my new classic Tencel shirt for brunch }

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Tencel pros and cons, and I’ve wanted to show you my new tencel shirt from H&M’s conscious collection ever since. For a Sunday brunch last week, where I wanted to wear something else than my usual comfy knits and loose fitted jeans, I wore it with my black skinny jeans, & Other Stories shoes and delicate jewelry. I would easily repeat this outfit for a day at the office, just how I like my wardrobe – repeatable and functional.

I’ve previously talked about high street sustainability and whether or not it exists, and while the jury is still out on this and I agree the current fast fashion business model is as unsustainable as can be, I also think they, simply because of their volume, can help push things in the right direction. I love H&M’s conscious collections because they get the message of sustainability out there to a wider audience and hopefully that helps push demand. I completely agree there might be some green washing involved, and I’m sure some might say even their conscious collection can never be perceived as sustainable. But I love it for what it is; an alternative.

Tencel shirt

{ Sundays are made for smiles, brunches and wandering around London <3 }

Tencel shirt

{ Eggs Florentine for me and Croque Madame for him, paired with black coffee and grapefruitjuice at PAUL in Covent Garden – and it was delicious }

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