Christmas wish list 2015

Christmas wish list

{ This years christmas wish list }

1st of December is here, which means Christmas (insert happy dance) so I thought I’d show you my christmas wish list. As always, November passed by in a flash and I’m surprised the calendar is already showing December, but I’m definitely not complaining as christmas is without a doubt my favourite holiday! I love that there’s a constant excuse to cuddle up at home with heaps of chai lattes, homebaked goods and cheesy christmas music on the stereo. The best thing, however, to get me in the christmas spirit is finding the perfect gifts for the people I love. I always try to do my christmas shopping all at once, I spent a whole day trawling through the stores, buying sugary almonds from a street vendor (only to realise they are way too sweet for my taste), and ending the day enjoying all the beautiful christmas lights.

This year, however, I want to shop sustainably or at least from independent designers, which requires a lot more planning, which means a lot of online research, which inevitably means lots of additions to my own wish list. As I’m still trying to figure out what to get everyone else, I’ve managed to fall in love with a bunch of things that I would love to find under the christmas tree this year.

AIAYU Septembre Sweater: I have talked about my love for AIAYU before and I’m sure their Septembre sweater will make my long, dark and cold January days much more bearable.

WORON Body: I’ve only recently discovered the Danish underwear brand Woron but I absolutely love it! It’s founded by two sister and their collections are all about perfectly fitted, feminine and clean essentials with a focus on timeless designs. Everything is ethically produced in a small family-owned factory in Europe and made from the sustainable beech wood material Lenzing Modal. This body will be perfect under a white tee or a sweater on those extra cold winter days.

Will’s London shoes: Granted, these shoes from Will’s London are not the most seasonably appropriate wish, but they are classic and will give a really cool ‘business’ touch to any outfit. Will’s London make animal and human friendly shoes at prices everyone can afford.

Marina London silk cardigan: I know it’s debatable whether silk is a sustainable material or not. Some would argue that because the silkworms die in the process it can never be ethically produced, and although I sympathize with this point, I also think there’s the question of quality and longevity to consider. Marina London makes beautiful good-quality silk garments that can be transformed from everyday to evening wear with little effort, and with a busy life that would definitely make them part of a sustainable wardrobe in my opinion. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this navy blue cardigan and am picturing it styled with my black skinny jeans, a white tee and sneaks for daytime, and with heels and a red lipstick for going out.

M of Copenhagen rings: These rings from M of Copenhagen have all made their way on the list, because I love both their simple, timeless designs and the ethos behind the brand. Each ring is handmade and made to order giving them all a unique touch. They’re produced in Ecosilver, which consists of 100% recycled grains of silver, that have been melted down and formed into new solid silver.

Rudolph Care skincare: Rudolph Care is a Danish skincare brand that produces organic and sustainable products. I would be excited to find anything from the brand under the christmas tree, but would especially love to try this acai facial scrub mask or this acai body oil.

Manduka Yoga mat: I have been practicing yoga for years and love how it makes me feel when I make it part of a regular routine. When you spend a lot of time doing anything, it’s always nice to have great gear so I’ve been looking for a new organic mat for a while. This one from Manduka is described as a Zero-waste, sustainable mat, OekoTex certified, emissions-free manufacturing and it even comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Moonchild Yoga Wear Bra and Pants: Speaking of great gear, if it’s not enough with a great new, environmentally friendly mat, I’m sure this bra and these pants from newly founded Moonchild would make me want to practice everyday. I absolutely love the colours! Moonchild Yoga Wear is designed in Denmark and made in EU with certified environmental friendly Italian fabrics. They are committed to eco-responsibility, and are mindful of every decision they make in the manufacturing process.

What’s on your christmas wish lists this year?

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  1. What a nice selection. These leggings are now added to my list two; which primarily consists of eco-friendly make-up (from my beauty obsessed sister) and otherwise workout clothes and or organic wool from the rest 🙂

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