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A couple of weeks ago, I read this article on I:D magazine and it really made me think. According to the article, leather is no longer a by-product of the meat industry, instead meat is a by-product of the leather industry?!

I grew up on a farm, in a meat-loving-family, and I’ve never thought of leather as something bad. Instead I’ve always thought of leather as a beautiful, long-lasting high-quality material and judged my shoes and bags by the quality of the leather they were made from.

These days I try to stick to a plant-based organic diet, and as I’ve become more conscious of the food I eat and the garments I wear, the issue of leather has been on my mind more and more. Having studied sustainable fashion I know what questions to ask before buying a product. But as a fashion lover, I still struggle to make the most conscious choices from time to time. When it comes to leather I still have my doubts about what’s the best choice. In my experience good quality leather products can last you a lifetime. Whereas the alternatives might not. This article, also from I:D magazine, discusses how the chemicals used to produce faux fur might be more damaging to the environment than real fur. Although, the jury is still out on the matter, I think it’s worth asking, when excluding fur and leather from your wardrobe – why are you doing it? Is it because you’re a big supporter of animal welfare or do you have environmental concerns?

Ray ban sunglass case

{ A summer stable; my Ray ban sunglasses and their leather case }

Handcrafted bag from Crete

{ A handcrafted leather bag I got on a holiday in Crete four years ago }

I don’t wear fur because the thought of it creeps me out, and I don’t like the feel of it against my skin, but I love leather. I love the look and feel of it and that it, like no other material, can get patina and tell a story of it’s lifetime. I think, I will always have leather in my wardrobe, but when adding new pieces to it, my choices will be made from a more conscious perspective than previously. I will look into alternatives, make sure the leather originates from a sustainable source, that it’s high quality, and ask myself before buying it; whether I really need it or if I just want it.

Arne Jacobsen watch

{ My favorite watch by Arne Jacobsen with leather strap }

I hope this helps you decide whether you want to have leather products in your wardrobe or not. Whatever you decide, do it consciously.

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