My definition of sustainable fashion

The choices we make

{ It’s all about the choices we make! }

In my opinion sustainable fashion is essentially about choices. Whenever we choose to buy a new garment, wash a dirty one, repair a cherished one, or throw away and old one; we are making choices about how we are impacting the world. Most of the times there will not be a black and white / right or wrong choice – it’s sort of a grey area, because whatever we do, it will have an impact. Often the choices will be made out of convenience, habits, likes or dislikes. I try to make my choices consciously and sustainability on this blog will therefore always be about my choices – they are personal, just as fashion should be.

For me, the most difficult part of wanting to consume more consciously is the lack of transparency in the fashion companies’ supply chains. Often you’ll never know where your garments have been before they hit the store. The ‘made in’ tags only refer to where the garments were sown together and says nothing about from where the materials have been sourced or where  and how they’ve been processed. Most companies these days have Codes of Conduct, but from a consumer view point you never quite know what the reality is at the factories – so be critical! Ask questions!

three favourites

{ Three of my wardrobe favorites; stripes, a black tee, and a crisp white shirt }

Sustainability is first and foremost about being conscious about the choices you make. And when making a decision to buy or not to buy always, always remember; sustainable fashion is not sustainable if it is not still fashionable. Never buy anything you don’t really love, just because it is sustainable.

Sustainable fashion is more than anything about building a wardrobe that only includes garments you love and which suits you and your lifestyle. In recent years I’ve become more and more aware of what suits me and what does not, I’ve become better at not buying trend pieces and instead I’ve added classics in good quality to my wardrobe. Less is more in this case. I’m not saying you should never shop on the high street or that you should never again buy a trend piece, all I’m saying is; find out what works for you! And make your choices consciously.

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