Brand Feature: Fonnesbech

Brand Feature Fonnesbech

The Danish brand Fonnesbech is a revival of an old family heritage. Relaunching the brand in 2014 gave them the opportunity of incorporating sustainability into their brand DNA. Quality and longevity have always been of essence to the Fonnesbech brand and instead of talking about sustainable fashion, they promote the idea of a sustainable wardrobe. Continue Reading

Tencel shirt

Tencel shirt

A couple of weeks ago I talked about Tencel pros and cons, and I’ve finally managed to capture an outfit with my new tencel shirt from H&M’s conscious collection. I’ve previously talked about high street sustainability and whether or not it exists, and while the jury is still out on this and I agree the current fast fashion business model is as unsustainable as can be, I also think they, simply because of their volume, can help push things in the right direction. Continue Reading

One man’s trash, another (wo)man’s tressure

One man's trash, another (wo)man's tressure

You know the saying “One man’s trash, another man’s tressure”. This is the story of how this classic Ralph Lauren sweater in merino wool is exactly that or more correctly; “One man’s trash, another (wo)man’s tressure”. It’s quickly become a wardrobe stable and it ended up in my wardrobe, almost by coincident. Continue Reading

Inspiration from Pinterest to my outfit #3

Inspiration from Pinterest to my outfit

My mom and sister have been visiting and we’ve taken some time off to enjoy London with them. It’s been amazing! And I’ve loved showing them around London. Eating lots of fantastic food, going to museums, markets and just wandering around my favourite city has been brilliant. But now I’m also ready for a new work week, with blogging, writing content for a new collaboration and my project with the Ethical Fashion Forum. Continue Reading