Material index

Throughout the years of this blog I’ve researched and written several posts about the different materials out there and I’ve now collected them in this material index, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. I’ve also listed a few ressources below in case you want to learn more about the materials you wear or the fashion industry’s impact on people, profit and planet.

One of the first things I do when I find a new garment I like is to check what it’s made from. The raw material has a lot to say about a garment’s impact on the environment and the people in the production. It will also tell you a lot about how you should care for it, which means your impact on the world.

Material index

Alpaca pros and cons

Bamboo pros and cons (not published yet)

Cashmere pros and cons

Hemp pros and cons

Leather pros and cons

Linen pros and cons

Organic cotton pros and cons & How and Why You Need to Be More Conscious When Buying Cotton Products

Recycled Polyester pros and cons

Tencel pros and cons

Vegan Leather pros and cons

Viscose (not published yet)

Wool pros and cons



If you’re interested in learning more about eco fashion in general and materials specifically I would recommend googling until you go crazy, but if you love books like me, these are my go-tos:

Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide: Natural and Man-made Fibres by Clive Hallett & Amanda Johnston (affiliate link)

Sustainable Fashion: Past, Present and Future by Jennifer Farley Gordon (2015-01-15) by Jennifer Farley Gordon and Colleen Hill (affiliate link)

Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys by Kate Fletcher (affiliate link)

Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change by Kate Fletcher & Lynda Grose (affiliate link)

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black (affiliate link)

Eco Fashion by Sass Brown (affiliate link)

To Die for: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? by Lucy Siegle (affiliate link)

Slave to Fashion by Safia Minney (affiliate link)