Making it last

This sweater is around three years old. It was my favourite when I first got it because of the fit and the beautiful dark bottle green colour. But I haven’t really worn it this winter, not because I no longer like the fit or the colour, but because it started to pill and look too worn out. It looked old and the quality no longer appealed to me. I considered giving it to charity multiple times, but could never really part with it when it came down to it. Continue Reading

Brand Feature: Swedish Stockings

Brand Feature Swedish Stockings

It’s time for another brand feature, and this time it’s one of my latest discoveries; Swedish Stockings. It’s funny how you find the perfect things when you’re not even looking. A couple of weeks ago I realised I hadn’t really been using any of my dresses since the temperatures had dropped. When I talked about turning my summer favourites into fall stables I definitely also meant to include my dresses, but I hate being cold and I didn’t really have any stockings. And I didn’t really want to get any. Continue Reading

Finding a sustainable winter coat

Finding a sustainable winter coat

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me for my advice; she was looking for a new winter coat, and wanted to find a sustainable alternative, and asked med if I could recommend any for her. And I totally came up blank. As I’ll soon need a new winter jacket myself, I decided to have a look through the wonders of the Internet to see what I could find. But, finding a sustainable winter coat turned out to be way more difficult than I’d expected. Continue Reading