ootd: Ocean plastic waste shoes

I’m Hella, Danish but living in London and passionate about eco fashion, slow living, plant-based food, coffee, yoga, travelling and so much more.

On TNFN I mainly write about how eco-friendly, ethically made fashion can and should be the new norm in fashion. I created the blog because I LOVE fashion! I love how clothes can change my mood. I love how I can express myself through the clothes I wear. I love how identities are created by the use of garments and how we identify ourselves with others – sometimes just by looking at them.

What I don’t love is how fashion garments are often produced under horrible working conditions and at a speed that is absolutely unnecessary, using chemicals as if they are not harmful to the environment and resources as if they are infinite.

Being more conscious in what we buy is a big step in the right direction and our impact on the world is essentially about making choices. Whenever we choose to buy a new garment, wash a cherished one, repair an old one, or sell something we no longer want; we are making choices about our impacts on the world. Let’s make our impacts better for everyone involved by acting, consuming and dressing more consciously.