Sustainability news 240218

Sustainability news 240218

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The most interesting sustainability news this week is also a little sad; a new study surprisingly suggests that millennials’ purchasing decisions are made first and foremost based on convenience and price/value and not on sustainability credentials. I hope companies will focus on all three things and not consider sustainability as unimportant because honestly, who doesn’t want convenience and price/value to match? And when the clothing industry is set to consume a quarter of the global carbo supply by 2050 how can we afford not to change the industry asap?

Other sustainability news

Some good news on the use of child labour in the Uzbek cotton fields.

CanopyStyle initiative has 20 new companies.

PETA highlights some of the issues there might be with the certification processes in the textile industry.

The US gives three East African states ultimatum to reverse ban on import of used clothing. The East African countries want to develop their domestic textile industries, but the US is pressuring them financially because they don’t want to deal with their own waste – how is that fair?

Want to learn more about sustainable fashion? Check this online course developed by Kering and London College of Fashion.



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  1. Hello Hella,
    Do you know of any companies in the USA that takes polyester fabrics and recycles them?

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