Sustainability news 200118

Sustainability news 200118

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When gathering these sustainability news every week not much surprises me about how the fashion industry works anymore, but something is very wrong with the way we put value on things when producing new is cheaper than recycling. No one wants our used clothes anymore, because the recycling industry that was once flourishing and (partly) solving our consumption problems is no longer a viable business, because it’s cheaper to use new fibers instead of recycling what’s already here. It’s honestly time to start designing out waste in the fashion industry.

In other sustainability news

Viktor & Rolf collaborates with Zalando on a new sustainable collection centered around handcrafted items and recycled materials. I’m not sure these collaborations have an actual impact in the short term, but I’ll take any hype that puts focus on and helps make sustainable fashion desirable.

I’ve just signed this petition to tell the EU Commission it’s time to take on plastic waste. You should to.

What’s needed to clean up the fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion trends to watch in 2018 (and beyond).

Study suggest consumers forget unethical actions by a brand, but remember ethical behavior if they’re reminded of it more than once. Getting consumers to care and help push change will require great marketing skills.

Three subscription based clothing companies. I wonder if 2018 will be the year where this grows bigger?






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