Sustainability news 130218

Sustainability news 130218

{ Hot, spiced apple juice is a new winter flu fighter. Who else is cold these days? }

This week’s sustainability news are a little short and a little late for several reasons. The main one being that I handed in my five year old MacBook Air for repair earlier this week, and I only just picked it up this afternoon. It was nothing major, but several keys on my keyboard weren’t working and I was sick of logging around an external keyboard. I contemplated getting a new MacBook altogether, because the repair would be quite expensive. And it’s five years old. Which is ancient in tech-years, right?! But in the end I didn’t. In the end I opted for fixing what I already have instead of buying new. I really like that mentality and it goes so well with what I’m trying to do with this blog. We need to re-evaluate our understanding of value and making things last. Now, I’m crossing my fingers this will give me at least another few years with this computer before I need to have it replaced (while also celebrating the repair was much cheaper than getting a new model).

Sustainability news of the week

It seems sustainable fashion will be even more visible in 2018 and I’m loving all the tips on mainstream newssites on how to get involved in eco fashion, like this one: Nine ways to get into ethical fashion, or this one on ethical and sustainable ‘trends’ to watch.

A step in the right direction for Cambodian garment workers. Let’s back these policies up by supporting brands that support these initiatives. Demand transparency.

Price is still a deciding factor when UK consumers are out shopping. So how do we change our understanding of value when it comes to clothes? How do we make it obvious that somewhere, someone else is paying for it when we buy cheap garments?

Young female workers are held captive at Indian mills. Modern slavery is alive and thriving in the textile supply chain.



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