Sustainability news 060118

Sustainability news 060118

{ I’m only repeating the good things in 2018 }

The first post of 2018 will be around the sustainability news I’ve picked up over the holidays. And while I did take a break away from the blog and social media I couldn’t help but keep up with all the news. One, that really stood out to me, was about Bangladesh. The country has been on many sustainable fashion interested people’s radar since the Rana Plaza collapsed in 2014, and while there hasn’t been a major incident since in Bangladesh, at least 1,242 workers were killed across the country in 2017 due to a lack of occupational safety in the workplace. How can we still let that happen?

In other sustainability related news

Kowtow has been around since 2007, but I only learned about it last year. However, now, they are constantly on my radar and I love what they do and how they do it.

Apparently, people are loving Zara a little less after its worker pay issue went viral. Great news, but I’m wondering if it will last or wether people will love Zara again once they’ve forgotten the story, or need a new cheap dress for a night out…

Sustainability will be at the center of innovation in the fashion industry in 2018

The National Committee in Myanmar has decided to raise the country’s minimum wage.

Old Spitafield Market in London bans sale of fur from January 2018.

Things are definitely changing (albeit slowly) and many things indicates that millennials will spend money for eco-friendly clothing.

There’s a growing demand and supply of sportswear made from recycled (synthetic) materials. Just remember that synthetic recycled fibers, such as polyester and elastane still shed microfibers. So, if you decide to get any of these new items you might also want to get a GUPPY FRIEND.



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