Sustainability news 161217

Sustainability news 161217

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In this week’s sustainability news I’m sharing an article on the importance of choosing organic cotton instead of conventional. I’ve shared my thoughts on the matter here and here. It’s so important and without wanting to sound preachy; please be conscious of what impact your choices will have on people elsewhere in the world. What you do matters.

And speaking of cotton farmers; recent research has indicated it would only cost consumers 20 cent more for a tee to pay Indian workers a living wage. How can the fashion system be so messed up? And why aren’t we doing this already?

Other sustainability news

The company behind my favourite material, Tencel®, has launched an alternative to viscose, which the German brand Armed Angels will be the first brand to incorporate into their collection this winter.

Will new materials take over the popularity of polyester soon? One can hope…

Oh, how I would love to see a fashion industry (and a world for that matter) without plastic.

I’m so inspired by people that wants to create a difference and actually go on to do it.


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