Sustainability news 091217

Sustainability news 091217

{ When your local café serves a free croissants with your coffee all through December you show up an inappropriate amount of times #noshame }

In this weeks sustainability news I’m (among others) sharing articles on a few new brands that have built their business with sustainability at their core, already established brands that are changing theirs to be more sustainable and an interesting article with a fellow Dane who uses blockchain technology. Read on for all the interesting articles from around the web this week.

According to Vogue, 2017 was the year sustainable fashion became sexy. I certainly agree the conversations has spread and if you’re interested in fashion you will undoubtedly have joined the conversation about how necessary sustainable actions are. Now we just need more people to actually commit to it and not just talk about it.

Speaking of commitment; I love Patagonia for doing this and I’m so impressed by Eileen Fisher’s moves towards a more circular business model. Eileen Fisher is also the biggest B Corporation in the New York State and 40% of the company is owned by her employees. 

Other sustainability news

Want to knit your own stocking (or maybe it’s a good DIY present for someone you love)? check out this sweet story about one from Wool and the Gang. 

I’m a fan of any new brand that builds their business with sustainability as a core value.

Child labour is staring us in the face when we shop at high street brands. So why do we still do it?

G-Star is set to launch the most sustainable denim to date using a Cradle to Cradle Gold certified material. 

Three brands that have sustainability at their core. They are not just using sustainable fibres, their entire business is built on a desire to do better.

An interesting interview with fellow Dane Martine Jarlgaard regarding her namesake brand and use of blockchain technology on LISSOME




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