Sustainability news 251117

Sustainability news 251117


In this weeks sustainability news I’m sharing articles on the complexity of workers rights, the meaning of Gucci’s ban on fur and tips on caring for clothes. But first; Christmas jumpers are a big thing here in London and I really like this idea of creating your own instead of buying new. So far, I’m just reusing the one I finally got last year, and I think I will for many years to come. But, if you’re in London and you don’t have one, maybe this event is just the one for you? 

In other sustainability news

First, I there were shoes made from pineapple leaves, now there are shoes made from organic apple peels. 

7 Clothing brands you won’t feel guilty about spending your money on.

Interesting interview on Eco Warrior Princess with the designer behind slow fashion Perth-based label Verdant. 

In case you were wondering, like me, what Gucci’s ban on fur might actually mean this article is for you.

The Catch-22 of why the fashion industry keeps failing to fix labour exploitation.

A Black Friday initiative I can get behind.

Speaking of Black Friday. Instead of buying new; here are 12 tips to care for the clothes you already have.

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