Sustainability news 181117

Sustainability news 181117

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In Cambodia, the factory owners need to arrange transport to the factory for their workers. Unfortunately, this has meant a lot of accidents in recent years, like this one last week where two people died. Headlines like this one catches my attention on a weekly basis when I read through them to find the sustainability news I want to share; when will we learn that fast fashion prices are only possible because somewhere, someone else is paying for it?

Other sustainability news

I’m so inspired by people who build their companies around a wish to do good. I know where I’ll be looking the next time I go shopping for sunglasses.

Eight tips for mindful shopping this holiday season.

The ‘Made in Europe’ label is not a guarantee that workers have been treated fairly. Ask questions before you buy.

4 anxieties that are keeping fashion CEOs awake at night. And honestly, no. 4 better be keeping them up.

Another big problem with the fast fashion supply chain; who’s responsible for the workers when things go wrong? The brands or the factory owners?




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