Sustainability news 041117

Sustainability news 041117

An ongoing discussion, which has lately created many headlines when it comes to the sustainability news discussions I follow; is fur sustainable or not? I don’t think many can argue that it is not a durable material, but is it necessary? Most of us don’t leave in cold Russia or Siberia. Most fur wearers love the material for it’s look and feel, and not necessarily for it’s function. Is that really enough to justify killing millions of animals each year? I can understand the use of leather, because it is a bi-product but, to me, fur just seems so wasteful. What do you think?

Other sustainability news

China’s fight against smog has many obstacles.

I’m already looking forward to this exhibition at the V&A in April.

Consider this before you wash your clothes – do you really need to wash it just yet?

I’m not sure I agree that H&M’s new collaboration with Erdem consist of timeless pieces?

I’m so looking forward to the day the spider-silk material Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads have developed becomes commercially available. Technology definitely has a chance to change the fashion industry.




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