Sustainability news 281017

Sustainability news 281017

{ I’m trying to give up coffee to sleep better at night. It turns out croissants still taste amazing when paired with tea }

I can’t help but feel that the European Commission’s reluctance to use the power it has, to adequately hold the Bangladesh government accountable through a trade investigation is failing the factory workers. Surely, if the EU were to put restrictions on products from Bangladesh the situation would change immediately? The EU is Bangladesh’s biggest exporting country, so our demands must surely be listened to. If we, as consumers, stopped demanding cheap clothes and started demanding fair working conditions; how would the situation look then? Vote with your money.

Other sustainability news

Will the luxury fashion industry help create the necessary demand for change?

Reformations new denim line was release on Monday. I feel every eco-friendly company out there have dive into making eco-friendly denim.

When companies invest in women it benefits entire communities.

How technology can help push the sustainability agenda in fashion.

Still think viscose is a natural fibre? Think again.

There are so many reasons why my new shoes are from Veja. This article highlights some of them. I have to admit I’m loving that there’s a minimum wage as well as a maximum, the latter helps them keep their prices down while still keeping everyone happy.



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