Sustainability news 211017

Sustainability news 211017

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Alden Wicker, of EcoCult argues that leather, silk and wool might be better alternatives than their vegan counterparts. Wicker argues that silk might be better for the environment (and perhaps the indigenous people that produce it) than polyester, but I’m still not sure it justifies our use of it. When is our fashion needs worth more than animal lives? Because silk is definitely a fashion need. Wicker argues that the domesticated moths used for peace silk don’t live long afterwards anyway – but aren’t that be just proof human interference in nature is bad? Furthermore, she argues that the people producing the silk are better off doing that than working in polyester factories, which is definitely true, but surely not all silk is made in a safe working environment by indigenous people. I agree with Wicker on two materials; leather and wool. Because leather and wool are by-products. But silk and fur are not. We have to realise that while Wicker argues that using animal products is better for the lives of indigenous people and wild animals than their vegan counterparts, our crazy high demands for goods are bad no matter what they’re produced from. We need to change how much we consume just as much, as we need to change what we consume. What are your thoughts on this?

And on that note; is wool the new sustainable material for footwear? 

It’s always good to have a list of ethical brands

The news about H&M incinerating clothes, which I wrote about on Tuesday, has reach India.



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