Sustainability news 141017

Sustainability news 141017

{ October is my favourite month. The colours and all the fallen leaves; nature’s own confetti }

The most important sustainability news this week is The Guardian and watchdog Global Witness’ list of people that’s been killed defending their lands from environmental exploration such as logging and mining. I find it difficult to believe these things are still happening. We live in a time where technology is groundbreaking and information is so readily available, so how can 2017 be on course to be the deadliest on record for these environmentalists? How can we allow that? How can we change that?

Other sustainability related news

Flip flops are some of the most frequently found pollutants in our oceans. How cool would it be if they were all made to biodegrade? 

Adidas’ new Speedfactory can make a pair of shoes in one day.

Go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful fall colours while listening to this podcast where Luc Siegel discusses how the fashion industry is ‘going green’. 

Need inspiration for how to get cosy this fall, check out this list with eco-friendly goodness to make you comfortable as it gets colder.

A few new (to me) slow fashion brands.

An interesting read about the sustainable fashion developments in China and how the consumer behaviour needs to change.

Gucci is going fur-free from 2018.

Since recycling options aren’t viable supermarkets should stop using plastic packaging.

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