Sustainability news 160917

Sustainability news 160917

{ Still dreaming about Paris }

Starting this week’s sustainability news a bit like last week where I shared an article about how there’s been found microplastic in tap water. Because this week I read about how there’s researching showing there’s also microplastic in our sea salt. I’m not sure saying no to plastic is enough anymore – how can we get the politicians to realised we need legislations to truly decrease the amount of plastic out there?

In other sustainability related news

The most brilliant design I’ve seen in a while; clothes that grow with your child.

I love that sustainable fashion is moving to the center of Berlin Fashion Week

While I do believe the charter to ban underage and size zero models is a step in the right direction, I also agree that it is far from enough.

A (long but) interesting read about the role fashion marketing has played/is playing in speeding up our consumption habits.

So many articles about the future of ‘sewbots’ (sewing robots) are popping up on my feed these days. I honestly can’t tell if it will be a step in the right direction – if it will help improve the working conditions for workers in the textile industry, if it will make their livelihoods disappear, or if it will speed up our consumption habits.

A new tool that’s going to help designers, brands and suppliers learn how to certify materials, find guidance and funding for achieving Cradle to Cradle certification, and work together to develop new circular materials that are safe for people and the environment.



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