Sustainability news 020917

Sustainability news 020917

{ A quiet moment at my favourite local bakery while writing up this week’s sustainability news }

I think one of the most exciting sustainability related news I read this week was about; How blockchain can disrupt the fashion industry. Not only does blockchain make it possible to know where our clothes where produced. It could also potentially have a great impact on recycling possibilities by letting recyclers know exactly what a garment is made from. Transparency have been debated for years in the fashion industry; should brands let their customers know everything about their production? or would it make them loose competitive advantages? I think we’re finally at a stage where (almost) everyone agrees transparency is necessary – blockchain could take the transparency to the next level. I’m so excited to see what will come of it.

This week’s other sustainability news

7,5 % of the global fashion industry has committed to a circular fashion system. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s definitely a start.

Good news about the changing viscose supply chain.

ASOS and New Look are joining forces to improve the working conditions at UK factories.

Adidas ramps up production in new Speedfactory. Not sure if this is necessarily bad, but the name freaks me out a little, as I’d prefer to slow things down in the industry, not speed them up.

I love that Everlane didn’t make jeans until they found a partner who shared their sustainability values. 

When H&M announced yet another brand to their portfolio I kind of just shook my head. It didn’t seem like if would be much different from & Other Stories and COS. But maybe I should give Arket another chance? 

Loving Patagonia’s first television ad ever focuses on defending public land in America – not selling a product.

Dr. Martens recent recall of their vegan boots due to chemical exposure highligts my concern about vegan leather perfectly.

I loved this interview with Kathrine Hamnet.





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