Sustainability news 260817

Sustainability news 260817

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This Monday is a bank holiday, which means one more day to explore and enjoy this wonderful city I get to call home. We’ve managed to create a bit more balance and structure around our work days, so it feels extra luxurious to have a long weekend ahead of us. We haven’t really planned anything yet, but as the weather seems to be more summery than it’s been the past few weeks, I’m anticipating at least a couple of bike rides and a lot of time spent outside in the sunshine. What are you up to this weekend?

The sustainability news from the past week:

If you only read one thing today, let it be this; why we fell for clean eating. It is a (very) long read, but the topic is so important. In the recent years I’ve become more and more interested in a plant-based diet, for health and environmental reasons. But I’m so bad with restrictions and the #cleaneating has definitely made me feel guilty about my food choices more than once. While I certainly think it’s important to eat more greens and less meat and dairy, maybe we shouldn’t be quite so strict about it?

I loved this article by the woman behind Pinatex® – The future is female, we just need to believe it ourselves

I find it so inspiring when people see a problem and they make it their mission to find solutions 

Looking for tips on how to shop more sustainably? Check out these 10 tips before the next time you take out your wallet.

Naomi Campbell brings attention to a necessary debate on the need for more diversity in fashion

I have my concerns about vegan leather (mainly the ones made from PU), and while I’m not quite ready to give up responsibly made leather products all together, it’s so great to see a rise in alternatives to animal leather.

I loved this candid opinion piece and it might be a relevant question to ask in this time and age when we seem to search for the ability to be more present in our lives; have we gone mindfulness mad?





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