Sustainability news 190817

Sustainability news 190817

{ Hoping to find some time to squeeze in a croissant and a cup of coffee within the next 48 hours }

I’m publishing the sustainability news a little later than usual today. I normally prepare them during Friday and schedule them to be published early Saturday morning so even the early birds can have a good read while I sleep in. However, I spent all day in bed yesterday with the migraine of a lifetime, and so I wasn’t particularly inclined to spent a lot of time in front of the computer. After about 36 hours in bed I felt much better this morning though and started the day with a walk in the sunshine and a relaxing yoga class, so now I finally fell ready for the rest of the weekend. Tonight we’re heading for a vegan food fair, which based on the photos on instagram will be amazing, and tomorrow we’ll repeat last Sunday’s brunch in Victoria Park followed by watching my first ever Premier League football match in person in the afternoon.

This weeks’ sustainability news:

I think it’s high time we all start asking before we buy; do you know where how your denim was made?

Brits are throwing away 50,000 fewer tonnes of clothing according to new Wrap report. Is this a sign we’re moving in the right direction?

Looking to build your own business? – check out these ten tips to be more ethical and sustainable  

I’m intrigued by the idea of having capsule wardrobes and what it can do to help me get dressed in the morning – haven’t we all experienced the “I have nothing to wear” situation while standing in front of a full closet. While I’m not entirely ready to commit yet, I love spending some time on Sunday to plan out my outfits for the week – it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier (not to mention quicker).

Waste is such a big problem in the fashion industry, and while upcycling, recycling and zero waste designs are increasing in popularity, we still need investments in technology to happen asap if the problem is ever going to be solved.

Speaking of waste; throwing things away has got to stop – away is somewhere. London is projected to run out of landfill space in 2026, so this is some very good news 

I’d love an alternative to the consumerism on which our society is built today 

I truly love companies that dare to be fully transparent. This company wants to make the fashion industry sustainable by using blockchain

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