Sustainability news 120817

Sustainability news 120817

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It seems the fashion industry is still on summer holidays or is everyone just busy getting ready for the (too?) many fashion weeks to come? At least I haven’t found many stories from the industry worth sharing, but instead of making the sustainability news post short, I decided to share a few unrelated to fashion sustainability news that caught my attention this past week. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with my favourite person, wandering around London, brunching and hopefully we’ll get a chance to enjoy a bit of sunshine. What are you up to this weekend?

Here’s this week’s sustainability news

Robot to make 800.000 adidas tees daily – I can’t decide whether that’s good news or bad.

Primark is joining a long list of fast fashion companies by announcing the launch of its first sustainable cotton product line.

I won’t judge whether the ripped jeans look is fashionable or not, but I loved this sarcastic ‘review’ of the look. Plus, she really has a point when it comes to knowing how your jeans got that ripped look. Are you sure it was safe for the workers to make?

Like any millennia on Instagram I love a good avocado on toast, but just like articles like this one made me pretty much stop eating quinoa, news like these make me think avocados will have to be a treat and not an everyday staple in the future.

Is it better to use animal tallow than palm oil when making bank notes? Vegans might not agree, but I actually think there’s some truth in this and it just goes to show that things can’t always be black and white.

I have always been struggling a bit with Instagram. I hate how it can make everything look so glamourous and make you forget that everyone has a ‘behind the scene’ life as well. But I also love it because of how I get inspired to try new recipes, find new eco fashion brands, visit new places, meet new people and be part of a community of conscious, eco warriors. Reading this made me want to take a step back – is this really what it’s all about these days?

We seriously need to change our plastic consumption habits ASAP

Good food and not pharmaceuticals is what patients need – why is this not common sense anymore?

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