Sustainability News 050817

Sustainability News 050817


Before sharing any fashion related sustainability news, I wanted to touch upon the biggest news in my world this week, which was on Wednesday when we hit Earth Overshoot Day. The day when we’ve used all the resources the planet can regenerate in a year. It is obviously fashion related, as we do consume an unprecedented amount of clothing, but I was shocked to learn how much of an impact all my flying has on my carbon footprint. What’s your carbon footprint and what can you do about it?

Check out the graph in this article to see where in the world people are in need of the most planets of Earth to sustain their lifestyles.

In other more fashion related sustainability news

Every year millions of garments are discarded as consumers ditch fast-fashion styles for a new wardrobe – we need to change this asap.

Are we ready to change from owning everything to renting, borrowing, sharing? I really hope so!

While I still prefer shopping in physical stores, it is a fact that retail is a struggling part of the fashion industry – could offering responsibly made products be the solution?

Three Canadian start-ups focusing on upcycling, borrowing and Fair Trade – could this be signs of the new norm?

Looking for new underwear? Check out which brands Project Just gave their seal of approval

Or perhaps you’re looking for some Scandinavian fashion – check out 11 of Denmark’s most sustainable fashion brands.


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