Eco City Guide to Brighton

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ My happy place: on a beach in the sun }

My second Eco City Guide is to Brighton. We only had 27 hours in this beautiful costal city, but with a little research beforehand it was plenty of time to shop, eat, sleep and see the best the city has to offer. While the shopping was a little disappointing, wandering through the Lanes is always lovely. We were lucky enough to have some sunshine and some of the most amazing vegan/vegetarian meals I’ve ever had. The vibe of the city is so different from London and while I love living in London I always miss being close to the sea, so going for an early morning swim was another highlight of our trip. If you get the chance to go to Brighton (only an hour on the train from London) I highly recommend it. Check the map at the bottom for adresses, which you can easily download the map to the Google maps app on your phone by pressing the star after the “TNFN Eco City Guide: Brighton”.

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ The FAIR shop is my favourite eco fashion shop in Brighton }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Inside the Little Beach Boutique }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Find organic, Fairtrade, vegan and vegetarian food and beauty products at Infinity Food }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Wander through the Lanes }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Our Daily Edit }


The Fair Shop

Small shop focusing on socially responsible brands. You will find a lot of African print, but they also carry People Tree, Armed Angels and Swedish Stockings.

Infinity Food

Organic, Fairtrade, vegan and vegetarian beauty products and food. Buy food and drinks here and have in the park around The Royal Pavillion.

Little Beach Boutique

Cute little boutique with locally made jewellery, bags, ceramics and more.

Jaba Yard

If you love print and natural fabrics this is the store for you. They carry a few items from Thought, which were really nice, but I generally found the cut of the clothes to be a little outdated and much more fitted than my usual scandi-can-I-wear-pyjamas-to-work-style.

Our Daily Edit

This is not an eco-fashion shop, but they carry Filippa K; a Swedish brand focusing on changing their materials to more sustainable ones as well as changing their business model to become more circular.

Vegetarian shoes

A shop dedicated only to vegan shoes.

Brighton Open Market

Most of the market was closed when we were there around lunchtime on a Monday in July, so it might only be worth checking out if you’re there on the weekend. There’re supposed to be local brands and makers.

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Still dreaming about the lunch we had at Food for Friends }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ And our dinner at Terre A Terre }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Having coffee on a swing }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ A cute corner }

Eco city guide: Brighton

{ Picnic in the park around The Royal Pavillion }


Food for Friends

We had lunch at Food for Friends and it was one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. While I do love a great salad, I get pretty excited when vegan/vegetarian restaurants manage to take the food to the next level not only in flavour, but also in presentation. Everything was so tasty and even the mocktails were out of this world.

Terre A Terre

We had booked a table for dinner at Terre A Terre, which was another exceptional food experience. We couldn’t decide what to get, so we decided to have the shared tapas, which allowed us to try a bit of everything. We had cocktails, but I think a glass of organic red wine would have been so so good as well. Again, the flavours and presentation were outstanding and the waiters were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I think they’ll be able to accommodate any dietary requirements you might have and still give you one of the best meals you’ve ever had.


My Coffee Story

On our way to our hotel we needed a break and randomly came across this little coffee shop. The coffee and carrot cake was good, but the reason I’m recommending this place are the swings in the window. Such a cute and fun way to enjoy your coffee (and put a smile on the faces of everyone walking past).

Ground Coffee House

Cute little café serving great coffee made from beans from their own, local roastery.

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ The Royal Pavillion }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Brighton Pier at night }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Headed for an early morning swim }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ So peaceful }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Wearing my allSisters eco-friendly swimsuit }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Putting our tiny urban garden on our balcony to shame }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Brighton Museum & Art Gallery }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Look up }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ The sunset }


Brighton Pier

A Brighton institution that you cannot miss. You can hear the music and happy screams all along the beach and it lights up beautifully in the evening.

Morning swim in the sea

When we’re in Denmark at my family’s summer house we have to go for an early morning swim in the sea. It (almost) doesn’t matter what the weather is like, it’s such a refreshing start to the day, so naturally we had to do the same while we were in Brighton. It was a such a sunny, beautiful morning, we almost had the beach to ourselves and the weather felt so clean and refreshing.

The Royal Pavillion

This was my third time visiting Brighton and I’m still amazed by the architecture of this beautiful building. It’s worth going inside to see it, but even just going around or sitting on the grass in the park enjoying a picnic or just a drink is so lovely.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Because the weather was so lovely I decided to hang out on the beach instead of going to the museum, but if it had been one of the UK’s usual grey and rainy days I would definitely have spent some time at the museum. It’s supposedly one of the most important and eclectic collections outside national institutions. And their galleries include fashion and style, 20th century art and design as well as fine art. In addition to the permanent galleries there’s a continuing programme of temporary exhibitions, so be sure to check it out before you go.

Watch the sunset on the Beach

Even if you’re only in Brighton on a day trip from London, stay long enough to watch the sunset on the beach. We had a late dinner, so we almost missed it, but catching the last colours on the sky was the perfect end to the day.

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Kemp Townhouse }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ The entrance }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ The smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ The view from our room }

Eco City Guide Brighton

{ Breakfast in bed <3 }


Kemp Townhouse

We stayed in their Tiny Double Bedroom, which is probably the smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen. As cramped as it was I would still recommend it and will most likely still try and book it if we’re going on an overnight trip again. It was perfectly located close to the beach (important when you want to go for an early morning swim) and only a 10-15-minute walk from the Lanes and the restaurants I’ve recommended above. There’s breakfast included, which you can either have in their small lounge downstairs our have brought up to your room in the morning. I’m a sucker for breakfast in bed, so naturally we opted for the latter. Even though we’d been up for a while and out for a swim it was such a lovely relaxing way to ease into the day.

Kemp Townhouse Guesthouse support local makers and so the bread was delivered from a local bakery, and the free-range eggs, fruits and vegetables had been locally produced.

You can easily download the map to the Google maps app on your phone by pressing the star after the “TNFN Eco City Guide: Brighton”

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