Sustainability news 290717

Sustainability news 290717

{ My first, and probably last matcha latte. Apart from it being beautiful, I just don’t get the hype? }


The sustainability news this weekend are a little late, but hopefully late is better than never. I’m back in Denmark for another wedding this weekend and it is the best. I think living in London away from our family and friends makes me appreciate the time I do get to spend with them so much more,

so here is just a quick roundup of the sustainability news from the past week:

I think many involved with sustainable fashion are looking to governments for legislation to help speed changes, so it will be interesting to se just how the UK government will manage to target fashion in supply chain crackdown

Children themselves embody the fast fashion model, with their rapid growth rate requiring a constant flow of new clothing so, new circular solutions aim to eliminate waste from kids’ clothing.

5 sustainable fashion brands you should have in your wardrobe”. I’m always intrigued when I read a headline like this so, I’m bookmarking the article to check up on the brand asap.

The consultancy Made-By eyes a collaboration to drive circular clothing. We definitely need more of this.

An interesting perspective on why sweatshops are not all bad. Do you agree?

In a society where there’s a sense of everything needing to move fast, is it time we start taking things slow? could slow fashion even help improve your health?

When talking about eco fashion being more expensive than fast fashion I always fall back on the same answer as Rebecca Earley’s in this article.

Speaking of which; do we really want to be responsible for a waterstarved India by 2015.

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