Sustainability news 220717


Sustainability news 220717

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It seems life is happening at a slower paste these days. I always find the summer months to be a kind of transitioning period – a mindset from my school and uni days, I think; it’s a time to reflect and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones, before getting ready and plan for whatever fall might bring. I’m trying to make time to work while still enjoying the sunshine (that does happen from time to time here in London) and planning shorter trips for the coming weeks and months. Next week we’re headed to Brighton for a few days and a weekend in Denmark for another wedding, so I will be spending parts of the weekend in front of the computer. What are you up to?

The sustainability news that caught my attention in the past week:

Are we ready for the Airbnb of clothing?

Can eco fashion help retail businesses? 

Primark had to recall some of their men’s flip-flops – Saying there’s only a minimal risk for Primark’s customers, but what about the people that made the flip-flops? Shouldn’t we be more outraged on their behalf?

Polluters should pay for viscose industry clean-up. Couldn’t agree more.

Marie Claire’s August issue is dedicated entirely to sustainability. Until I get my hands on a copy I’m enjoying the online articles like this interview with Mira Duma and this one with ten of pioneers within the sustainable fashion movement

I’m not familiar with this American jeans brand, but I’m all for anyone that are doing their bit to encourage recycling of garments.

This article paints a rosy picture of sustainability in the Danish fashion industry, which is not entirely true for the whole industry but nevertheless many are on the right track.

77% in UK say they care about Fairtrade. How can we make them care enough to actually demand everything to be fairly produced?

How can anywhere be known for being the world’s “cast off capital”? That’s what Panipat in northern India is – where all the clothes we throw away end up.

Stella McCartney’s latest campaign was shot in a landfill.

Tips to be more eco conscious – nothing new, but everything is worth repeating.

“Forget sustainable collections, we need a sustainable fashion industry” – I couldn’t agree with this more.

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