Sustainability news 080717

Sustainability news 080717

{ I’ve spent a good portion of my time the past two weeks, right there, in the passenger seat, in awe of the Californian landscape sliding by }

I’ve missed writing the summary of the sustainability news for the past two weeks. I actually thought I would be able to blog a bit on our trip to California, but I ended up only turning on my laptop once, just to check something regarding our AirBnB. The rest of the time it was turned off and lying at the bottom of the suitcase. I didn’t even read up on all the sustainability news while we were away. It was fabulous! (I couldn’t stay away from Instagram though, and loved sharing snaps of our trip). While we didn’t plan much before we left London it turned out to be one of the best holidays we’ve been on. The perfect mix of nature, city and pool side hanging.

We got back to London on Wednesday morning and left again yesterday morning to fly to Denmark (will definitely be researching carbon offsetting possibilities when we get back to London next week). We’re just here for the weekend, but it feels like an extension of our holiday, which I’m all for! Hoping to make the content smile that California put on my face last for as long as possible.


Catching up on the sustainability news from the past few weeks, here are the ones that caught my attention:

I’m wondering if denim will ever be truly sustainable. This company is definitely moving in the right direction. Love this quote from the article : “It’s not that she wants to create expensive denim, but she knows better than most that supercheap retail comes at a different kind of cost. “If you’re paying too much for a luxury item, you’re getting screwed,” Bellos notes. “But if you’re not paying enough, you’re screwing people all along the supply chain.”

I’m still very interested to see whether the new law in India will change the leather industry and what it might mean for the people in the supply chain

Transparency is trending and more and more retailers have promised to disclosed a list of their suppliers. Tier one only though and while it is a step in the right direction, I wonder if it is enough to actually make a change.

New research shows it is possible to minimize microfiber shedding from polyester garments, if the design process changes. I wonder if it’s enough to keep microplastic out of the oceans.

Is Instagram fueling our fast fashion habits? I sure wish we were all proud #outfitrepeaters

Patagonia’s CEO is ready to lead the corporate resistance to Donald Trump. Which have led to boycott from Trump supporters, I however, love the idea of companies standing up to governments.

Another interesting collaboration from Stella McCartney.

Collaborations are the way forward and I especially think collaborations between the fashion industry and the tech world are so important

Speaking of collaborations; while I’m far away from needing the product this new collaboration offers, I still find it to be incredibly good news for both brands (and the world) (article in Danish).

I’m constantly looking for alternatives to viscose (called rayon in the US), so this is promising news.

Why slow fashion is picking up the pace.


Sustainability news 080717

{ From our trip; favourite sign ever <3 }

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