What I pack in my carry on for a long flight

What I pack in my carry on for a long flight

{ bkr water bottle, Olympus camera, KeepCup, Pukka tea, wash cloth, Amazing Space antiseptic & face cream, earplugs, headphones, Underprotection eye mask, eos lip balm, organic cotton beach towel to use as scarf/blanket, warm socks, toothbrush + toothpaste, Kindle, wallet + passport, laptop, notebook & pen, iPhone, People Tree sweater } 

It’s almost time, which is good, because I almost can’t wait anymore. I’m so excited to be spending the next couple og weeks in sunny California with my favourite person. Before we get there though, we have a long flight ahead of us. I’m making sure to drink some extra water today, and tonight I’m doing a little mini spa with a face mask and some quiet time, so I’ll be all ready for tomorrow.

I’m always quite interested in what other people bring in their carry on, because as much as I love the idea of long flights where you can just sit and relax, read a book and sleep for a bit, when I actually have to be on a long flight; half an hour in I’m bored out of my mind. So, I thought I’d share my tips with you.


I try to plan ahead and am bringing heaps of entertainment to keep me busy. I’ve downloaded a ton of podcasts (this one and this one on sustainable fashion, this one for stories (in Danish), and this one on yoga (also in Danish)), I’ve bought new books for my Kindle (this one and this one), I have some work to finish, and I’m planning on adding some magazines at the airport.

Clothes to keep warm & comfortable

You never know whether the flight will be hot or cold, so I always wear/bring layers. It’s so hot in London these days, so I will just wear a dress to the airport and then bring a sweater and a scarf to keep me warm if the flight gets cold. I usually bring a wool scarf with me, but as I probably (hopefully) wouldn’t get any use out of it in California, I’m bringing my beach towel instead. It’s a really nice, thin, organic cotton one, which is big enough and soft enough to wrap around me if it gets cold on the flight.

Toiletries and more

On long flights even if I’m not going to sleep (tomorrow we will be flying during the day), I bring a toothbrush, earplugs and an eye mask just so I can take a nap if I need to. I also always bring a toothbrush (really want a sustainably made one) and toothpaste, a wash cloth to wash my face, and a face cream and lip balm to keep my skin and lips hydrated in the dry airplane air.

Food & Snacks

I’m also bringing my bkr water bottle, my KeepCup and some nice teas to have on the flight. Not pictured is the (huge) amount of food I’m bringing. I really don’t like airplane food (nor the non reusable packaging it comes in), so I’m bringing some homemade falafel, baked sweet potatoes and plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep me going for 11 hours. And chocolate. Always bring chocolate.

The rest

I pack my camera in my carry on just to make sure it’s safe. Wallet & passport of course, and all the chargers I might need throughout for my phone, laptop and Kindle.


What do you bring on long flights? Any lifehacks I need to know about?

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