Sustainability news 170617

Sustainability news 170617


It’s been a crazy week. Isn’t it always the week before you go on holiday? We leave on Tuesday and I can’t wait; two weeks in California with my favourite human, soaking up some sunshine, hopefully trying some wineries, and seeing an endless amount of nature. This weekend I’ll try to finish a few posts for the coming weeks so the blog won’t be completely silent, write articles for the Circular Economy Club, go to this market on Sunday, and say goodbye to a really good friend that’s leaving London. What will you be doing this weekend?


Here’s the sustainability news that caught my attention in the past week:

I’m going to have a look at this brand the next time I’m looking for new active wear.

I used to love the look and feel of viscose and one of my favourite sets are made from viscose, but many brands don’t know where their viscose comes from and the production of viscose has been linked to trees logged from endangered forests. Furthermore, I’m becoming increasingly aware of just how dangerous the use of chemicals are for the environment and the people in the production.

What is the high street actually doing about sustainability? Is it enough?

Loved this interview; Inspiring woman and inspiring company.

I’m still soooo excited about these shoes, so I can’t wait to see what Parley’s newest collaboration will bring.

Is transparent pricing the next big thing in sustainable fashion?

Need new swimwear this summer? Then check these brands out that just got the Project Just seal of approval

I wonder if IKEA will do something like this in other cities / countries.




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