Summer wardrobe inspo: Shorts

Summer wardrobe inspo: shorts

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The weather is pretty grey and windy in London today, so I’m dreaming about our trip to the US next week and am already planning what I want to bring. Instead of doing the big road trip I talked about here, we’ve decided we’d rather not spend that much time in the car, so instead we’re planning on spending a few days in and around Napa Valley – I’m hoping will find some great wineries – a few days around Lake Tahoe and before heading back to San Francisco, we’ve booked an Airbnb in a small town close to Yosemite National Park. I can’t wait to spend time with my favourite human and hopefully see some amazing nature along the way. After a couple of days in San Francisco we still have some time before heading back to London, but have decided not to plan where to go beforehand – maybe we’ll drive down along the coast or perhaps head back up to Napa Valley. Time will tell.

As a mentioned in this post on summer dresses, summer always seem to surprise me and while I have a few stables, I always feel my wardrobe comes up a little small in the warmer months. So, this year I’m trying to be a bit more prepared, and a bit more structured around the items I need and want to add to my closet.

What I’ll be adding to my wardrobe this year

My mood-board is in the same colour scheme as for the dresses. Actually, I think it’s in the same colour scheme as my entire wardrobe. I already have a pair of loose fitted black shorts – I made a pair last year after getting tired of looking for a nice sustainably made pair. And I’ve already added these shorts in tan from the Danish brand Aiayu when I was back in Denmark. Not sure why the colour is called ‘tan’ as they really are more light-pink-ish, and they are so comfortable – a win for a road trip I think. Then there’s the denim shorts. I’ve been looking for a vintage pair of Levi’s for years now, but without luck. I’m hoping visiting their native country might help my luck.



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