How to implement Circular Processes – A must read for fashion designers

how to implement circular processes - a must read for fashion designers

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I have written another article for the Circular Economy Club I wanted to share with you. If you are a fashion designer or simply just interested in understanding more about the complexities of designing for a circular fashion system it is definitely worth a read. Below is an excerpt of the beginning and you can read the full article here.

“Designing for circularity can seem overwhelming, especially in fashion and with the current (low) value garments have. We have developed a take, make and dispose culture around the way we consume clothes. If circular fashion is to ever succeed we need to change the way we value clothes. And especially how we value them once our customer no longer wants them in their wardrobe.

In the current fashion system, few designers and brands think about their used products as a resource. But in reality, it is. It is tomorrow’s resource at yesterday’s prices.

Changing this value perception will help you understand how you can design for circularity, by getting your products back and by telling your customers how valuable they really are, their perception will change as well.

Originally posted at the Circular Economy Club

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