Ootd: MUD jeans

ootd: MUD jeans

{ Sandals: Birkenstock, Jeans: MUD jeans, Tee: H&M conscious, Jacket: ASOS (old) }

My MUD jeans finally arrived. Actually, the first pair arrived shortly after I first wrote about them a few weeks ago, but they were way too tight. I send them back and asked for two sizes up. Those turned out to be way too big, so I had to send them back again. Finally, the right size arrived late last week and they are perfect. It made me quite frustrated trying to support an eco-friendly brand and then end up spending money and CO2 on sending them back and forth, but it’s all a learning process and MUD jeans provided excellent customer service throughout. I always find shopping online kind of tricky when it comes to finding the right size. Any tips on how to get it right in the first go is more than welcomed.

ootd: MUD jeans

We snapped these photos before I left London on Tuesday and I have been wearing a variation of this, back here in Denmark for the past few days as well. It is to me, the perfect combination. I love the loose fit of the jeans and paired with a crisp white tee it is comfortable without looking slobby. Changing the shoes to heels or oxfords would might even make it office appropriate.

My favourite thing about the jeans, apart from the look, is that I have leased them for a year. I might decide to keep them when the year is up as I think the fit is quite classic, but trends and opinions change, and having the option is really great. It also means I didn’t have to pay the full amount right away, instead I pay a small monthly fee. I think this is a way to make it accessible for everyone to support eco-fashion. I’m so interested to see and support more of these business models within fashion in the future.

ootd: MUD jeans

{ Instead of the very common leather label MUD jeans have printed theirs on = vegan friendly }

ootd: MUD jeans

{ I will be wearing variations of this combo on all the cooler summer days to come }

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  1. Very interesting. The jeans look very good on you, and I also think leasing is an great way to start wearing more sustainable options. I just don’t know if I would do it with jeans, but rather more formal wear

    • Thank you Johanne 🙂
      I agree there other types of clothes that would be more obvious to rent. Have actually been thinking about finding a place to rent dresses for this summers upcoming weddings, but not sure where to find them. Do you have any recommendations?

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