Sustainability news 200517

Sustainability news 200517

{ The perfect slow start to the day }

This week has been all about hanging out with friends and recovering from a cold and I have spend little time thinking about, researching or working on much related to sustainable fashion, so I only wanted to share a few sustainability news with you today. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

Westfield shopping centers in the US are launching a garment collection scheme with I:Collect, the same company that works with H&M, in an attempt to help minimize textile waste. It might just be a marketing stunt, but if it helps keep textiles out of landfills, I’m all for it. Also, hoping that the Westfield shopping center just around the corner from where I live in London, will have something similar soon.

Reformation is joining the eco-friendly denim scene – sourcing fabric that’s already made or ones containing a high percentage of recycled fabric. Although truly sustainable denim isn’t really possible, better is still better and Reformation’s new jeans venture definitely is a better option than conventionally made jeans.

I got the most amazing shoes earlier this week. Will tell you more about them as soon as possible, but so far I’m excited.



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