Sustainability news 130517

Sustainability news 130517

{ From last week with my sis – Sharing what was probably the best vegan cake I’ve ever had }

Last week I didn’t feel like a lot was happening in the sustainable fashion arena. I don’t if it was just me or the industry in general that had a bit of a break after Fashion Revolution Week (my sister was also visiting, which might have something to do with why my focus might have been elsewhere). However, I couldn’t really find any interesting stories to share. This week is different though. On Thursday, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit took place and while I didn’t attend this year, I managed to watch most of it on the livestream, and I shared my initial thoughts with you. I’m contemplating summing up my highlights in a separate post, but want to wait and see if they’ll release a film from the day that I can link to.

We’ll be spending the weekend in Denmark and I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and family. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend too, wherever you are. Below are a snippet of the sustainability news that caught my attention this week.


News of circular projects seem to be all around us these days and I’m especially excited about the initiatives that take on textile waste.

Filippa K and Mistra Future Fashion have teamed up to do a two year long circular fashion research project. I’ll be following this closely and can’t wait to see what’ll come of it. I definitely think research and industry need to work together to find sustainable, lasting solutions to the current problems in fashion.

Greenpeace are advocating for a change in business models and that the industry must move away from relaying continuous economic growth as the measurement of success.

The first clothing made of citrus based fabric are seeing the light of day. I’m not really sure how I feel about these materials made from orange peels and pineapple leaves. Are they really waste-materials? Wouldn’t they just biodegrade? Wouldn’t it be more useful to look at stuff that doesn’t go away?

The Ethical Fashion Forum are behind a new platform that helps match fashion buyers with suppliers – all with sustainability at its core. I think this has the potential to be such an interesting and important resource for future fashion buying practices.

If you’re in the mood to spend the weekend indoors, cosy-ing up in bed, here’s an interesting list of documentaries to watch in 2017.



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