Thursday Thoughts: Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

Thursday Thoughts: Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017

{ I’m outfit repeating and having my coffee inside today, seeing as London is back to being grey }

Today the Copenhagen Fashion Summit is taking place in Denmark. It’s said to be one of the most important events within the sustainable fashion movement. And it feels a little weird not being there this year. I have attended twice in the past, and both times, I have to admit; I left feeling a little disappointed. As if it was all talk and not enough actions. As if everyone knew about the problems in our industry, but no one could come up with a solution. At least not a sustainable, commercial one.

I love supporting smaller brands, because somehow it feels like a rebellion towards the big corporations – a way of saying; I want the world to be different. But at the same time, parts of me still feel that change needs to happen (and to some extend only can happen) with the big guys. They have the money and the volume to really make and impact. So, why don’t they? Why is it taking so long?

I wonder if this year’s summit will be different from the previous ones.  I wonder if they will actually provide the wider industry with knowledge and solutions and not just the big guys that could afford the ticket for the event. I wonder if the summit will actually help create the change it promises.

I’ll be watching the livestream throughout the day. Picking and choosing what’s interesting to me. And you can too.


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