Sustainability news 290417

Sustainability news 290417

Fashion Revolution Week is coming to an end. Did you get a chance to get involved? I’ve loved being out and about here in London discussing the importance of the change we need in the industry and I really hope the discussions are followed by actions in the weeks, months and years to come. The sustainability news in this week’s round up are about Fashion Revolution Week and why we need it.

In their weeklong series on sustainable fashion Refinery 29 asks; Is there a difference between ethical and sustainable fashion?

Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Revolution Orsola de Castro was the guest on one of my favourite podcasts; Spirit of 608 last week. She talks about her career and why we so desperately need to change the way we consume clothes.

Will Gen Z help the fashion industry clean up its act?

Interview with Cora Hilts the founder of Rêve En Vert . If you don’t know this webshop yet, it’s definitely time to check it out.

Fashion Revolution has published its annual Fashion Transparency Index report. Are your favourite fashion brands paying workers living wages? Only 34 out of 100 are committed to doing so.

Very little has changed since the collapse of the Rana Plaza four years ago. Why cheap fashion remains deadly.

Another article pointing out the lack of transparency in the fashion supply (especially for fast fashion companies) and why it hasn’t changed much in the last four years.

Still need reasons to look for alternatives to conventional cotton? New study suggests Fairtrade cotton farming has lower social and environmental costs. 




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