Who made my clothes?

who made my clothes?

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It’s Fashion Revolution Week. Today, marks the day of the Rana Plaza tragedy four years ago. The day when a building in Bangladesh collapsed and more than 1000 people were killed. The workers had noticed the cracks in the building, but were forced back into it to work, to sew clothes. Four years have passed and not much has changed. The fast fashion companies are still around and most of them are doing quite well. While many of them have made moves towards a more sustainable business, they are still at their core, unquestionably unsustainable. How can human lives be less important than our clothes?

I’m taking part in Fashion Revolution Week by asking one of my favourite brands; & Other Stories (solely based on aesthetics) and that I haven’t shopped with since getting this sweater a year and a half ago – because, I don’t know who made my clothes when I buy it from them. Like always, I’m urging you to ask questions when shopping for clothes. But this week in particular – ask your favourite brand who made your clothes.

There are a ton of ways you can get involved in Fashion Revolution Week using your social media platforms. I’m attending a ton of events here in London throughout the week, to connect with likeminded people, to be educated, and to show support for a movement I truly believe in and that we desperately need. Waiting for the companies to change will take too long, we need to push for it if change is to happen in time.

If you haven’t watched True Cost yet. You need to do it now. It’s available on Netflix.

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