Minimalism: A Documentary about the important things

minimalism documentary

If you haven’t watched Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things yet. Please do! It’s available on Netflix and it’s amazing!

I think many of us have heard about minimalism lately and personally I think the concept of minimalism appeals to the slow-living-loving woman in me. It’s not about not owning or not consuming things. It’s just about less. About doing it consciously. A message that aligns so well with the sustainability nerd I carry around. Having less means you only have what you truly appreciate. Anything else is unnecessary clutter.

In the film, we follow the men behind The Minimalists as they go on a 10-month long book tour to spread their message of; having less actually means having more. They tell their stories of having searched for more their whole life only to realise; more actually meant less. Their story is accompanied by others, who have also found profound happiness in decluttering their life. It tells the story of people, who have gotten of the hamster wheel to search for true meaning in their lives, and they can do that, because they don’t need money to buy stuff. I just find that so liberating.

Key points:

  • Love people, use things. Never the other way around
  • Less stuff, less stress, more time, more happiness.
  • Before buying ask yourself: Do I really need that?

Go watch it. Now.

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