Sustainability news 250317

Sustainability news 250317

I hope your enjoying your weekend with a good cup of coffee and some amazing freshly baked goods. I wanted to share some of the sustainability news from the past week that have made me stop and think.


I’m intrigued by the possibilities of wearable tech and this collaboration between Levi’s and Google.

Do you know where the viscose in your clothes come from? It might be from the rainforest.

Adidas has some interesting projects going on in terms of sustainability. They have collaborated with Stella McCartney on a trainer made from plastic recovered from the sea.  Hoping to move away from fast fashion the German company has also made a test in one of their shops where customers can have a personalized sweater made within four hours :

These women walking to support sustainable fashion are amazing.

Polluted river water threatens livelihood in Pali, India and the textile industry has a lot to do with it….

… That’s also why I can’t wait ‘till this movie is released. We can’t survive without water, so how can we keep business as usual when this is happening?


There really is no ‘away’. We need to stop the consumption of single-use plastic bags.

I wonder how long the Trump administration can get away with being climate sceptics when rising sea levels are a huge treat in Miami and Atlantic City.


Bhutan just made it to the top of my travel bucket list. It’s the first carbon negative country. It might be because they measure growth by Gross National Happiness instead of economic growth. Either way, I find it really inspiring.


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